Zanzibar - The Spice Island!

Travel Information



Malaria is endemic in Africa and we the importance of taking prophylactics is stressed. Consult your doctor for advice. Prophylactics should be taken before, during and after your visit as prescribed by your Doctor.


Yellow Fever is a must if an endemic country has been visited.

Drinking Water

Bottled Mineral Water is recommended.

sali international hospital -Tz


Business Hours

  • 09H00-13H00 – MONDAYS-SUNDAYS
  • 16H00-18H00 – MONDAYS-SUNDAY


Zanzibar is a Muslim orientated Culture and mode of dress should be respected. Dress code for visitors is practical and comfortable.

Banking Facilities

BANKS - Business Hours

  • 08H00 – 16H00 – MONDAYS-FRIDAYS
  • 08H00 – 13H00 – SATURDAYS
  • BUREAU DE CHANGE - Business Hours
  • 08H00-20H00 – MONDAYS-SUNDAYS


The Tanzanian Shilling ( Tsh or TZS ) divided into 100 cents is the National currency.


Mainly Hot and Dry - with some periods of high humidity.
December to March ( the season of the North-East monsoon ) – hot and dry.
April to May – Rainy Season.
June to October – Cool and Dry.
November to December – Cool with short interval rains.

Entry Requirements

A valid passport. Visa can be obtained at Port of entry, namely Zanzibar Airport and Zanzibar Port. Payment for the Visa must be in Cash US Dollars / Euros / Sterling Pounds.


230/240 VOLTS 50Htz. Sockets for 3Pin square are applicable. It is advisable to bring your own adapter for video battery charger and appliances for 110-220V.


Personal Travel Insurance is recommended to include cover for medical.


Zanzibar is no different from other parts of Africa or the World and care should be taken at all times for your personal safety and also for your belongings. Do not leave valuables and cash lying around - Use the safety facilities provided by the hotel. Walking alone in unfamiliar streets or places is not recommended


Driving Code is Keep Left. A valid International Driving License is necessary for an hire of vehicles or motor-bikes on self drive basis.


Facilities for International Telephone and Facsimile are available, but the charges and handling fees can be exorbitant as much as 50% more than the normal rates.