Zanzibar - The Spice Island!

Flag of Zanzibar with National Parks


ZANZIBAR can be described as the ancient Island also known as the SPICE ISLAND of the Indian Ocean – just over 20 miles from the East African Coast. The Island has an area of 640 miles with a coast of long white sandy beaches that slope gently into clear blue water, contrasting well with the abundant greenery of the interior.
The history of Zanzibar dates back to the last century with famous missionaries, explorers and traders who visited the Island.

The Island was also the epicentre of slave trade on the East Africa Coast in the 18th Century until the trade was abolished in 1873.
By the middle 19th century, the Arabs influence on the Island was very strong and prompted the Sultan of Oman to move his capital to Zanzibar . In 1890 the Sultanate became a British Protectorate, and in 1964 Zanzibar gained its independence.

The different races that settled in Zanzibar over the century have left their mark on both the people and the architecture. Castellated buildings with arches are Moorish in origin, the simple stucco work in the Persian baths reminds one of the former Persian princes, and as one walks through the cool narrow streets of the old Stone town of Zanzibar you admire the Arabs brass-studded old carved doors.