Uganda - The Heart of Africa!

Flag of Uganda with National Parks


Uganda, in the heart of East Africa, is full of the wonders of nature! with landscapes that range from snow capped peaks through broad Savannah, rainforests to arid semi-desert, as well as wetlands of international importance, Uganda is one of the tropical countries to visit in Africa.

Located on the western side of the Great Rift Valley - Uganda benefits from Flora and Fauna species of both East and West Africa, in addition to having a wide variety of indigenous species. The mountain ranges of the Rwenzoris and Virungas , the ancient and extinct Mount Elgon volcano, the many lakes and rivers including Lake Victoria - the largest lake in Africa, and the legendary source of the River Nile.

Uganda's on-going conservation projects have ensured constantly increasing animal populations. Ornithologists come from around the world to view the more than 3000 species of Birds. Anglers too can enjoy an abundance of fish in the many waters including the giant Nile Perch and the fighting Tiger Fish. Gorilla trekking is also possible from Uganda, into the Virunga National Park in neighbouring Congo.