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1. Kenya - Tanzania Wildlife Safari!

I have always been interested in animals and I have visited many countries in the world, but so far Kenya is number one on my list in terms of wildlife. The animals were everywhere, and looking out for those rare ones was a lot of fun. We also had a great opportunity to visit the Maasai village and I found myself really interested in their culture.
Getting to know them and being able to be a part of their everyday lives was an unforgettable experience. I can honestly say that it was great to be able to run away from a busy western life, forget about all the worries and just relax looking at the magical night sky or majestic Kilimanjaro.
The trip was organized very well and everything was running smoothly. All the people we met were very friendly and I will never forget them. I would recommend such trip to anyone - it is a great experience and the memories stay in your head forever (so does the Jambo song!)

Z. Kazmierczyk - February 2016.

2. Kenya Safari - With the Maasai.

I very much enjoyed my time in Kenya; it broadened my horizons and was an amazing experience. I particularly liked the people I met there as they were excellent hosts and added extra joy to every second of my visit. The most valuable thing I learned while there was the value of education. I realized how much I had taken education for granted in my life; I hadn’t always liked school but I saw how much the Maasai children wanted to get an education and I felt lucky that I had all the opportunities I was given in life.
I learned that I want everyone to have the same opportunities because everyone should have the ability and the right to be the best they can be and that it is something that the more fortunate on earth should strive to provide for the less fortunate. I also learned about the value of culture worldwide because we can learn something from everyone who lives a little differently to ourselves and it enriches our lives to do so.
I realized that the wildlife in Kenya is beneficial to the entire world’s ecosystem and that there is something everyone can do to protect it and we should all do what we can because seeing the animals in the wild, up close, is one of the most awe-inspiring experiences and I want to protect that experience for future generations. If I were to visit Kenya again I would like to visit Tsavo for the opportunity to see a rhinoceros in the wild. If anyone was on the fence about going on a trip to Kenya, I would say go; my anxieties nearly prevented me from going and if they had I would have missed out on one of the best experiences I’ve ever had.

Alice Garthwaite - May 2016.

3. Kenya Safari - Field Trip

To me my time in Kenya was a real eye opener. It was as far away from tourist as you could possible get!! Literally driving down the center of the bush was something else!! Absolutely amazing!! I think one thing that truly stands out for me though is when we went to the mother and baby clinic and their tank that collects the vital rain water was split so as a result was constantly leaking. The clinic doesn't have enough money to repair it let alone buy a new one. When we asked one of our interpreters how much it would cost he replied about 20,000 Kenya shillings (150 pounds).
Now this more than anything is something that has stayed with me because 150 pounds was the amount of money I had taken to spend as a tourist.
To us, it is almost insignificant as a decent bake sale can raise about 100 pounds. It is almost unthinkable. I enjoyed the scenery and watching everything that was going on. To have Giraffes walk in front of your truck in the morning was just something else. Truly was incredible. If somebody is sitting on the fence, then I would tell them to go for it. Yes, I will admit there were times I found it tough and it is completely different to anything we westerners might be used to but on the other hand it is a once in a life time opportunity; a real eye opener and something that chances are you will never have the privilege to witness again.
You might go to Kenya as a tourist and see the animals on the game reserves but there will never be the opportunity like you gave us. To be integrated as part of the local communities for the short time we were there. Amazing opportunity; amazing experience

Harriet - April 2016.

4. Kenya Safari - MaaChild Experience

Being in Kenya was an unforgettable experience. It was emotionally exhausting seeing the difficulties that the cultures have to go through on a daily basis, such as living arrangements and collecting water. Overall it put it into perspective how easy it is for us in England to have immediate access to clean, fresh, drinkable water.
Seeing how short they are on facilities for the hospital also made me realise how difficult that would make their jobs on a day to day basis. Not having the supplies to access and being limited on the amount of supplies for the patients must be very testing.
It was difficult speaking to the girls who MaaChild support within the school. Speaking to one of them I found out she walks over an hour to get to school. The school days are so much longer compared to here in the UK, starting at 7 and finishing at 5. The majority of them have a very long walk home, sometimes 4 miles, and then once home they have to work - looking after their siblings, collecting water, and cooking.
Overall, as emotionally breaking as this trip was, I would definitely persuade people to go if they had the chance. Seeing the happiness on people's (particularly children's) faces because they had seen a "white" person, and having the chance to play with them teaching them different games is a once in a lifetime experience and I personally will never forget the joy in their faces when seeing them playing together.

Lizzie - April 2016.

5. Kenya Safari - Field Trip

I still remember the field trip like it was yesterday, it’s something I tell everyone about too! From the whole trip I think the most memorable moment for me was when we visited James’ boma, it was an incredible insight into the fascinating culture of the Maasai and they were so friendly and welcoming, I didn’t want to leave! Getting hands on with their daily tasks was an experience; carrying the water, repairing houses and making those beautiful beaded necklaces/bracelets. The culture itself was fascinating to learn about and it was made even more interesting by being told by actual Maasai elders (James and Pepe), it’s definitely an experience I will cherish and remember.
Every day of the trip we were doing something new and exciting; Kimana market (WOW), dawn till dusk safari in Amboseli national park, school visit, flora and fauna walks, Giraffe and elephant sanctuaries, Olorgesailie and the Nairobi national museum. It was a once in a lifetime experience with unique and exciting activities. If someone was considering this fieldtrip I would say go for it! It’s definitely the best choice I made, from start to finish I loved every minute of it and it’s something I will always remember. The things you get to experience on the trip are definitely once in a lifetime opportunities; who can say they’ve helped a maasai woman use cow dung to repair houses!!
Now that I’ve been to Kenya, I want more! I would love to go around northern Kenya and to the other national parks (Tsavo, Maasai Mara) however I think Amboseli is a place I will definitely be visiting again.

Rachel McLaren - May 2016.

6. Kenya Safari - MaaChild Experience

My trip to Kenya was a busy week full of different and interesting experiences, all unique and enjoyable in their own way; from experiencing life on a working Boma to meeting some of the school children sponsored by Maachild. As a student Midwife one experience that particularly stood out for me was meeting two Maasai midwives, women who were not professionally trained but had learned their skills from other Maasai midwives and worked out in the villages helping to deliver the babies of the Maasai women. This was an amazing opportunity to learn about the traditional Midwifery practices of the Maasai and ask questions about how they manage different situations that present in childbirth, and compare them to how we would manage them in the UK. We were also able to speak to them and discuss issues surrounding FGM with the help of an interpreter who also happened to be the first female Maasai chief!
From a more leisurely perspective, the day spent on a Safari drive through Amboselli national park was an incomparable and once in a lifetime experience seeing a wide variety animals in the wild up close! Bring your camera and some Binoculars! Another highlight was a nature walk through local farmland, a chance to see the local countryside and learn about the local crops and irrigation practices of the local farmers. But don't worry, you definitely don't need to be interested in agriculture to enjoy the beautiful scenery of the area!
The accommodation was very comfortable and in an unbeatable location with incredible views of Mount Killimanjaro. The camp has a full bar and restaurant and the food and staff are great and definitely made the trip that more enjoyable My advice to anyone considering embarking on this trip would be to go for it! It is by no means a restful week as each day is filled with different activities but from an experience perspective you will see and experience things you would never see or experience as a "normal tourist". You will also have the benefit of local knowledgeable guides who can answer any and all questions you may have.
With regards to the financial side of things, while there may be a set guide cost to cover flights/accommodation, be prepared for other expenses such as a visa, vaccinations and any travel items you may wish to take with you such as mosquito repellent, appropriate clothing etc. Overall it was a once in a lifetime experience that I would recommend to anyone, whatever their backgrounds or personal interests.

Rebecca Warburton - April 2016.

7. Kenya Safari & Beach!

Our Family conveys our greetings to all of you at Eco Adventures. We are now settled back home after an amazing 2 weeks on safari which you expertly organized for us!
Travelling with children is not easy yet you made it seem all so simple. Everything worked flawlessly and most enjoyably. We all truly enjoyed ourselves and cannot stop talking about it. Thank you making a wonderful lifetime memory for our Family.

Davis Family - August 2014.

8. Kenya Safari & Tanzania!

Nicky and I want to thank you so very much for making our January African safari so terrific. We enjoyed everything about the trip and we have hundreds of pictures and memories to share with our friends.
Elizabeth, we loved your enthusiasm and the safari agenda you laid out for us. Albert took it from there and toured us around expertly while answering all our inquiries about wildlife and life in general in Kenya. What a great guide! We have to say that this safari was our best trip anywhere and we will recommend it to all we meet! You should be very proud of your beautiful country and we wish you all the very best in the years to come.

Nicky & Gordon - January 2015.

9. Kenya Safari & Tanzania!

I compliment you on organizing and arranging a most smooth running uncomplicated and interesting adventure. I was pampered and mollycoddled in the lap of luxury for 2 weeks.
You booked the best flights for me and two exemplary safaris! The lodges and tent camps you chose were all luxurious, in the style of the old colonial days, and the staff were very capable and friendly. Based on the attention to detail, the positive attitude, passion and bubbling enthusiasm of the entire Team, I expect Eco Adventures to continue to grow and expand in Kenya and beyond! Thank you for providing me a trip of a lifetime.

Don - January 2015.