Tanzania - Country of Wild beauty and nature!

Game Parks


The Nothern Circuit


Serengeti whose very name means " endless plains" has over 6 million hooves pounding it every year during the annual wildlife migration season of the Zebras. Wilderbeeste and Thompson Gazelles. Serengeti is Tanzania's first and most famous park and is renowned for its wealth of leopard and lion. The vast riches of the park help Black Rhino to fight extinction and provide a protected breeding ground fro the vulnerable Cheetah alongside thousands of other diverse species.

After the rains the Serengeti's magical golden horizon is transformed into an endless green carpet, flecked with wild flowers.
The famous plains are interspersed with wooded hills, towering termite mounds and monumental rocky Kopje's and rivers lined with elegant acacia trees.


Conservation Area boasts the finest blend of landscapes, wildlife, people and archaeological sites in Africa. Often called "African Eden" and the " Eighth wonder of the natural world" - it is also a pioneering experiment in ultiple land use. which means that the idea of allowing the co-existence of Man-kind and wildlife in a natural setting


The great mountain of Kilimanjaro is a metaphor of the compelling beauty of East Africa. Rising in absolute isolation at 5895 m above se level Kilimanjaro is one of the highest walkable summits on the planet and thus a beckon for visitors from around the world.

Just 3 Degrees south of the Equator - Kilimanjaro's great peaks of Kibo and Mawenzi are non the less covered all the year round with snow and ice. Kilimanjaro is dormant but not extinct, volcano.


Western Circuit

Lying in the Great Rift Valley are the inland lakes - Lake Victoria and Lake Tanganyika. This circuit offers safe opportunities to see Chimpanzees in the wild today. The habitats of these areas are a merger between western and east Africa therefore the cultures , rainfall and flora are unique to this area. The western circuit is seldom experienced on its own but rather as an addition to either the southern or northern circuits or both. The Western circuit is so remote that transport by both Aircraft and Boat is the only means of getting there.


Southern circuit

The National Parks and game reserves in the southern circuit are arguably the hidden treasures of Tanzania's authentic Africa. These parks are enormous with some of the highest concentrations of animals in Tanzania and is home to an interesting diversity of wildlife - the Roan Antelope, Sable Antelope, Cape Hunting Dogs and a multitude of colourful birdlife.

The Lodges and Camps of the South are small and intimate with no more than 30 rooms or tents per property These means that they are fewer tourists to the south compared to the north and allows the are to hold true to the tenets of eco-tourism. The parks in the south can be visited independently or as a circuit combining various parks into one package.


The other Park is Ruaha where game viewing can begin the moment the plane touches down. Wildlife in Ruaha is concentrated along the great Ruaha River that is the parks lifeline. The river is a flooded torrent after the rains dwindling to a few precious pools of water surrounded by a sweep of sands in the dry season. Ruaha is hunting ground for lion. leopard, jackal, hyena and the rare and endangered African Wild Dog. Ruaha also has the largest population of Elephants in East Africa.

The other Park is Mikumi National Park forming the northern borders of Africa's biggest reserve- the Selous, Mikumi is one the most popular of Tanzania's National Parks, the most accessible part of a 75,000 square kilometre wilderness that stretches almost to the shores of the Indian Ocean. The main feature of the park is the Mikumi flood plain, along with the mountain ranges that border the park on two sides.

The Parks here are the Selous which is the largest game reserve in Africa and is bigger than Denmark or Switzerland. It covers more than 5% of Tanzania's total land area and it 3 times larger than the Serengeti. Although slightly off the beaten track of the more well known safari circuits, a visit to the Selous offers unforgettable game viewing in almost completely isolated surroundings.


The Coastal Circuit

One of the great attractions of Tanzania is the fantastic 800 km coastline with palm fringed beaches of white sand and the ancient towns. Explorers, Sultans and Slave Traders all encountered Africa for the first time along this history steeped coastline creating the vents that were to define modern Tanzania.