Study Tours.

Eco Adventures has been creating and managing customized faculty-led academic field trips since 1998. Our field study tours offer participants experiences that inspire and educate. The programs are professionally designed for you, your group and course of study to bridge theory with practical exposure. In addition, the participants are encouraged to recognize the similarities between global environmental and social issues at each destination.
They will gain a holistic understanding of the aspirations of the global community and their African experience becomes directly applicable to their lives, preparing them well for global citizenry. We are committed to providing you with honest advice and a unique, successful faculty-led study tour. As Kenya grows in popularity, the main goal of the Kenya programs is to help students who have never been to Africa to have an idea of what the Continent is about, what it feels like, what it looks like because many people have stereotypes about Africa that are incorrect. By seeing Kenya face to face, the perception is corrected.

Our intimate knowledge of Africa's natural environment and dedication to conservation and the understanding of the involvement of local communities in Tourism activities, led us to the creation of a special brand of Educational & Field Study Programs. The tours offer study opportunities that inspire and educate the participants in various academic fields. They are designed to bridge theory with practical exposure and assist participants to gain a holistic understanding of the aspirations of the global community, through utilization of the knowledge acquired


The Programs

At each field study destination, the best instructors are the local hosts and nature itself! Consequently most of the activities occur outdoors in the local community and environment. Participants learn by taking an active part in their own education. The Programs combine conservation, community interaction, cross-cultural activities and personal time into a well balanced and entertaining experience.

A typical program would include:

  • Guided walks.
  • Visits to homesteads to experience the traditional way of life.
  • Interactions with local schools and students.
  • A day of activities at a local market place
  • Safari to the nearby Game Parks.

The Field Study Programs are community oriented and serving to :

  • Enhance environmental awareness locally, nationally and internationally.
  • Explore options for improved use of the natural resources base in order to assist communities in broadening their development opportunities.

The Study Programs engage with the following projects:

  • "Adopt a School" links Kenyan Schools with an international counterpart. Students become pen pals and exchange information about cultures and lifestyles and participating in small fund raising projects.
  • Community projects such as developing a school library, water projects and a community endowment fund to assist in local education and development.
  • Research and Volunteer Opportunities for Students.

Did you Know?

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