Kenya - The Golden Land of Adventure and Splendor!

Flag of Kenya with National Parks


Kenya affects many people in many ways. There are many images valid in Kenya.
Images of Vanderbilt and Hemingway on Safari...images of nights under the African stars...the upside down configurations for visitors from the northern hemisphere...a flaring camp fire and noises from the dark beyond...a moonrise chorus of Crickets & Nightjars...a racket of Hyrax and the low cough of a predator, possibly a Leopard!

The stories of the professional guide....the attentive service from the camp or lodge staff delivering the traditional Sundowner followed by Dinner of sumptuous fare... Images of Coastal sojourns with palm fringed beaches and sapphire clear seas. Astride the Equator, Kenya is a golden land of adventure and splendour! Appropriately crowned " God's Country" rich in wealth of its contrast, landscapes, culture and the welcome it extends to all its guests and visitors!

All this and so much else!

The Swahili word "safari" entered popular American usage after Theodore Roosevelt arrived in Kenya in 1909 and hired 130 Porters to follow him into the bush with everything from collapsible bathtubs to cases of Champagne! Soon thereafter socialites, plutocrats, maharajahs, royalties and movie stars begun to parade across Kenya.

A century later, "Safari" is still an extraordinary experience desired by all, and from all walks of life. Whichever your holiday choice, Whatever you do & Wherever you go, We feel there is a good chance that you to will come to love Kenya's many different faces! Kenya is habit-forming and like all the most pleasant obsessions, is one difficult to abandon. We understand!.. because we share the same feelings!