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Partnerships in tourism often create synergy effects and help accomplish objectives which fit both parties. It is in this spirit that Eco Adventures provides Destination Management Services within East Africa for Out Going Travel Planners and Overseas Tour Operators. From the very beginning, we take the time to understand your business and the individual tastes and preferences of your clientele.

Our experience means the recommendations we make and the itineraries we create are custom-designed to be right for you. The work we do leaves you time to nurture your client relationship while we expertly provide the services at the destination!


Whether customizing a Tour or planning an adventure safari for 5 to 50 members of a Group , you can rely on Eco Adventures as your Group Travel Expert. We’ve made it as easy as we can to put together the best program possible, at the best price possible. In some cases you may build your own package and we provide some of the service, and sometimes you’ll need more help from us. We are here for you!

We provide a seamless service - thanks to detail-oriented reservations, co-ordination, and customer relations teams, who pay attention to the essential administration and advance preparation that makes us experts. Should the unexpected happen, we’re here every hour of every day, 365 days a year to take care of your clients and your business wherever they are within East Africa!
Thanks to more than two decades of experience in arranging group tours within East Africa, we’ve established a strong network of suppliers in the region. We work with selected hotels, attractions and service suppliers in all locations – using our reputation and the number of group tours we sell – to secure the most competitive prices whatever the time of year. We check for new attractions that are gaining popularity and use our expert knowledge and long-standing local relationships to value-add at each destination.

We are sure to include in each itinerary the key attractions and experiences that your clients have long wanted to visit. We’ve accounted for the peculiarities and practicalities of each destination and know the best time to visit so as to get the most for you. Our expertise is a guarantee of the consistent and quality service you will enjoy, and a promise to make a common trip to a well-travelled destination, far from ordinary!

Our reputation and our name - is our commitment to premium experiences and a force for negotiating the flexibility that travellers may need. From the instant confirmation of the services you require to the multi-lingual tour guides, we make sure that your clients take home memories to cherish.


Eco Adventures Destination Management Services!

Eco Adventures Ltd provides professional destination management services. Eco Adventures achieves this by possessing extensive local knowledge, expertise and resources, specializing in the design and implementation of events, activities, tours, transportation and program logistics.

The benefits we offer you as your preferred DMC is representing YOU! Your goals and objectives to the suppliers at the destination where you are holding your program. You benefit from our knowledge of local products, service quality and reliability.
A s your DMC we will negotiate on your behalf, always keeping your best interest and budget in mind. Eco Adventures as your DMC will leverage our relationships and purchasing power to provide the highest quality of service in a cost-effective manner.

The immediate benefits of working with Eco Adventures as your DMC are:

  • One contact and payment to keep all the details in line and simple for you.
  • Knowledge of the best local destinations, venues, transportation and other local resources.
  • On-going relationships with vendors to obtain the best quality, service and negotiations.
  • Creative ideas for special groups, events, and those challenging situations.
  • Access to and experience with the new products in the market.

In addition, Eco Adventures will provide value-added services for you in:

1. Program Design

  • Analyze and evaluate appropriate destinations and activities suited to match the demographics and size of the group; eliminate options previously offered; research and secure facilities and activities that support your group needs & desires; evaluate "return on investment" (ROI) when appropriate and applicable
  • Build-in corporate messages/themes into program elements; create opportunities to showcase corporate message/theme into events & activities.

  • Incorporate corporate logos/colors/ into printed materials, signage and decor elements.
  • Implement activities consistent with group goals (i.e. teambuilding, ice breaking, social opportunities, relaxing, and reward opportunities).
  • Evaluate and select entertainment options appropriate for group and client objectives.
  • Showcase unique elements of destinations.
  • Create exclusive opportunities unavailable to general public and unknown by client
  • Protect client confidentialities; investigate possible competitor conflicts.

2. Logistics Management

  • Plan and manage logistical elements of all group movements including safety concerns, timing requirements, service level, and financial consideration.
  • Create, communicate and manage timelines for all events/activities and the successful execution of program elements.

  • Plan, manage, and execute group arrival and departure manifests for maximum service levels and financial considerations; proactively manage arrival/departure changes, cancellations, and additions by adding canceling transportation and staff resources
  • Oversee and pro actively manage the safety concerns at each destination.
  • Create routings for all transportation moves to ensure efficient and accurate directions; investigate potential street closings, construction sites, or weather considerations.

3. Service Level Management

  • Ensure all elements of program meet desirable customer service levels; anticipate elements of activities and events to ensure comfort and safety of all guests.
  • Provide accurate feedback to clients on program choices

  • Manage the service level of all suppliers utilized for program requirements; effectively communicate to all vendors the timing and delivery of contracted services; ensure vendors are knowledgeable and trained on the delivery of services require.

4. Supplier Management

  • Conduct due diligence on all supplier options to insure appropriate business licensing, desirable insurance requirements, safety training, dress code and training procedures of personnel.
  • Negotiate costs and components of suppliers services.

  • Manage the timing and delivery of all services; manage financial requirements of vendor to ensure delivery of products/services including advanced deposits and final payment of invoices, Audit all supplier invoices to ensure accuracy and completeness

Unobtrusive but ever-present, we’re here when you need us!

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