Code of Conduct.

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Eco Adventures Ltd abides by Industry Best Practice.

Eco Adventuers Code of Conduct demands that the company always adheres to elevated professional standards and demonstrates advanced knowledge and experience, essential to the best practice of business management and represent the highest levels of Professional and Ethical behavior in the travel & tourism industry.

Eco Adventures Ltd. Code of Ethical Conduct.

In order to provide the highest level of professionalism to our valued clients, Eco Adventures have made the commitment to honor and uphold standards which ensure that when doing business with Eco Adventures Ltd, clients and suppliers are assured they are dealing with a Tourism & Hospitality professional.

Proposal Statement & Service Agreement

At Eco Adventures we prepare a proposal statement which outlines all aspects of our relationship and the client. We will then proceed to prepare a DMC Services Agreement. Four areas are outlined in this one page agreement: Confidentiality, Representation, Commitment, and Destination management.

The DMC Agreement for Services is the final contract between the Eco Adventures DMC and our client. It covers all the obligations and makes provisions for how changes are handled. There will be slight variations depending on each jurisdiction, but the essence remains the same. This document incorporates standard clauses to cover all aspects of our work as your DMC.