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Kenya Safari!

Kenya is the home of Safari! Good weather year round makes anytime ideal safari-time! The summer season of July to September coincides with the spectacular annual Wildebeest migration making it an especially popular season, marked by spectacular sunrises and sunsets, beautiful weather and an abundance of wildlife!

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Rwanda Safari!

Rwanda is one of only three countries in the world where the critically endangered mountain gorillaslive. Experts estimate that there are only 780 mountain gorillas still in existence – and one third of these are in Rwanda. Rwanda provides the perfect backdrop for this lifetime experience.

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Tanzania Safari!

Kilimanjaro, by any name, is a metaphor for the compelling beauty of East Africa.When you see it, you understand why. Not only is this the highest peak on the African continent; it is also the world's most accessible high summits, a beacon for visitors from around the world.

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mount kilimanjaro

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Eco Tourism Plus Safaris

These programs are most authentic, most innovative, most immersive, best guided and sustainable tours that respond to travelers looking for more meaning and context. Beyond providing guiding to the destination, they include novel ways for the participants to give back.

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ngorongoro crater

Study Tours

Our intimate knowledge of Africa's natural environment and dedication to conservation and the understanding of the involvement of local communities in Tourism activities, led us to the creation of a special brand of Educational & Field Study Programs.

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ngorongoro crater

Affinity Tours

These are Goal specific tours to enhance the affinity in a group (Companies, Clubs, Alumni etc) through adventure activities such as Physical Challenges, Cultural Challenges and Community Challenges.

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